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Blackboard announcement restrictions

Question asked by eb0071065 on Nov 22, 2018
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Hello there


So we have had issues where when we embed and image into an announcement, we get the picture blocked, basically you get a white flat border with an x in the top left corner. So after toying around I noticed that if I turned off the 'dont download pictures settings' in outlook then for outlook desktop and Office 365, this would display the pictures as they were meant to be. So I have  contacted blackboard and they gave me 2 IP addresses that we have passed onto our IT dept, these have now been white listed


This isn't the end of the matter as I am still having trouble with the pictures displaying when we send them with the date restricted option or not date restricted, it will only work as its supposed to when we send immediately. Does anyone have any experience in resolving this issue?


Thanks for any info