Blackboard Peer Assessment Focus Groups

Discussion created by dm30644 on Nov 19, 2018

Blackboard’s Design and Product Management teams are starting a series of development projects in order to make peer feedback and assessment even easier and more comprehensive in Blackboard Learn. We’re looking for educators and learners to participate in focus groups and feedback sessions. Can your institution help out?


Peer assessment means a lot of things to different organizations and learning contexts. Here are some of the use cases being researched:

* Assessment of Peer Work - the student submission is the subject of evaluation by peers

* Assessment of Peer Evaluations - the evaluations and feedback provided to peers is the subject of evaluation

* Self-evaluation - the student reflects on own work

* Assessment of Self-evaluation - a student’s self-reflection is the subject of evaluation

* Evaluation of Group Peers - a student evaluates team members’ participation and work in a team context

* Accolades - students provide informal feedback that helps prioritize high-quality student-created materials

* Others as uncovered during research


We’ll be conducting two types of research activities initially:

1) Larger, open focus groups. Participants can pick from a number of open sessions, joining at their convenience. The sessions will be part presentation with opportunities to critique, identify gaps, and provide feedback on use cases, requirements, and designs.

2) Smaller individual sessions with A) teaching instructors, lecturers and academics, and B) students who previously have been a part of technology-assisted peer assessment activities in the classroom or online. These sessions will consider experience, motivations, and usability. Invitees will be selected from those expressing interest.


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