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Compare 2 Test Attempts with Randomized Questions

Question asked by mg23470 on Nov 15, 2018

An instructor wants to compare the test attempts for just two students out of 96 students.  The test was presented with questions randomized.  Can anyone think of a way to get the two test attempts side by side with the questions in the same order?


I've tried grade by question, but there's no way to get just the two specific attempts to display together (at least not that doesn't have to be repeated for each question--there are 50).  If anyone knows of a way to get this change to persist across questions, please reply.


The only strategy I've found is to download the attempts to Excel, hide/delete the rows with data for the other 94 students, then sort the "Question" column alphabetically (the "question ID" field is populated by the numbers that each attempt assigned to the questions, so ID's aren't helpful--would be nice if file provided both the attempt QID and the test QID).


Any better ideas out there?  Ideally something that doesn't require the export to Excel...