Cloud Storage Integration Permissions

Discussion created by dg23077 on Nov 12, 2018
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We are planning to update to the latest cumulative update for our current version, Q2 2018, over winter break. We had our staging environment updated a while ago and finally have some time to start testing. I thought I would begin with kicking the tires on the new cloud storage integration. Color me surprised when Blackboard decided it needed full access (read, write, delete) to my OneDrive in order to be able to pull the document.


Initially I though that maybe it was something quirky with the Microsoft APIs so Blackboard was forced into asking the permissions. I tried Google next. Similar request:


I am really disappointed with this. I was looking forward to the usability for our students and staff to be able to leverage the cloud storage tools that have great word processing tools built in. However, I don't feel that I could recommend this type of access to someone's storage. Am I being overly cautious here? Is this level of access required to access files? It seems you should be able to browse without needing delete permissions. Maybe it is a limitation of the APIs. However, I feel like each permission requested should have an explanation. If not in the interface, please have an explanatory article on Behind the Blackboard or more preferably, do not skip the subject in the help documentation.