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Remove White Space on Front Page? [SNAP]

Question asked by st37947 on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by mwilday

We have had an issue with the front page display of our site ever since the Cover Carousel was released in the Snap Theme. The issue is that after the release of the Cover Carousel a white space was added to the front page of our site right above the footer. Even with "Use Cover Carousel" turned off it still adds this space.


I contacted support last year after the release that caused this but they weren't able to find a solution. It really makes our site look less clean and is a bit annoying since we aren't even using the carousel. Below is a screenshot of our site that shows the white space beneath the main content and above the footer.


RC Front Page.PNG


Has anyone else experienced this in the SNAP theme? Is there a way to remove it? I've tried a few lines of CSS provided by support but to no avail.


Thanks in advance!