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Iframes in BB Ultra

Question asked by rhering on Nov 5, 2018



Through some experimentation I've managed to add an iframe into our pilot version of Ultra. I used the following markup (based on the markup created by Blackboard for YouTube and Vimeo embedding):


<div id="frame" data-bbtype="video" data-bbfile="{&quot;alt&quot;:&quot;Injected Iframe&quot;,&quot;src&quot;:&quot;https://localhost/ultra-testing/iframe-inject.html&quot;}" class="wants-props-update ql-embed-selected no-select" contenteditable="false"></div>


The markup produced this:


Will the ability to add an iframe which points to sites other than Vimeo and YouTube remain as is for future use, or should we expect a security patch that would stop it?


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