SCORM Content Failed to Migrate to Xythos

Discussion created by heather.crites on Nov 2, 2018

Good afternoon!


I thought I would share an issue I noticed while testing 3500.3.0. I was hoping at the time that it would be isolated (a hiccough), but that has turned out to not be the case.


3500.3.0 was applied last night and the Release Notes ((https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/Release_Notes) state:

"When a client system is upgraded to this release, a background migration task is invoked upon server startup to move all existing SCORM files from Local/Shared File System to Content Collection."

In our test instance, only about 40% of our courses were migrated. In production last night, only one single course migrated (< 1%).

I have randomly tested various SCORM objects and they all seem to be playing properly - both migrated and non-migrated. When I upload a new one, the file appears to go into the /internal/ file structure as expected. When I copy a course which contains a non-migrated SCORM object, the destination course is also non-migrated. Only the already-migrated SCORM content goes into /internal/. Archives store the content outside of csfiles, but restore back into /internal/. Additionally, I noticed that the Disk Usage report still shows migrated SCORM files under "Legacy" and not under "Protected."


I have two cases opened about this issue: one for test which I opened on October 23 (04003428) and one for production which I opened today (04013093).


I would advise you to look at your SCORM content and if you can, validate that all of your objects migrated into Xythos. If you have DDA and want the queries I used, let me know.