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Finding the URL of web links in Pyramid

Question asked by jo32204 on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by jo32204

Hi there! 


I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for a way I could find some particular data I'm looking for.  We're making some changes to some of our library resources, and the change will result in an error for anyone that directly linked to those resources in their course in Learn.  We'd like to be able to get a sense of how many people have these links, and be able to reach out to them directly so there is no interruption to their course materials. 


I'm in Pyramid, and can look at the Course Item Type Hierarchy report which shows me everything, and if I drill into the URL item type, it will give me a list of all URL's that are in courses, but it only gives me the name that the faculty member has given the URL in their course, not the actual URL of where the link is going.  If I had the actual URL, I could look at any that start with https://0-, which is how the library links would start, and be able to see who we have to contact directly.


Or another way they may have done it would be to use embed code in an item (if they were linking to a video), and that link will need to be updated.  Again, I can get a list of all Item by names, but not any of the underlying data of what's in the item.


Any ideas?