upgrading B2 for saas deployment - file permissions

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Current version (Managed Hosting): Q4 2017 CU2

Going to (Saas): Release 3500.0.0-rel.21+b070ffd


We have a custom B2 which provides us functionality to have templates for modules. We then create modules from this B2 to have different types of content displayed.


After migration to our test saas environment, the B2 is failing when attempting to create modules from it.


This B2 attempts to create a directory then followed by adding a data(xml) file to the directory and it could be failing due to insufficient access to those folders.


When testing this on our current Blackboard MH environment, the following directories are created when creating a module based on this B2:






Based on the information in the following link (, I have modified the manifest and added the following file permissions:


<permission type="" name="${java.home}/-" actions="read"/>

<permission type="" name="BB_HOME/-" actions="read,write,delete"/>

<permission type="" name="BB_HOME/apps/tomcat/temp/-"  actions="read,write,delete" />

<permission type="" name="BB_CONTENT/-" actions="read,write,delete"/>


Are these permissions sufficient to write to the above mentioned directories?


Any help would be appreciated.