Students having log-in and Help Issues

Discussion created by judybeesley on Oct 28, 2018
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I have students who are getting extremely frustrated. They are now in my course, but they continually get locked out when they try to log-in the next time. When they click on "forgot password" (which they didn't forget) they get a message that their user name cannot be found. I have told them to contact support by clicking on the ? at the bottom of the page, but that then I found that won't work until they are signed in. How do they contact someone for help? My students are classroom teachers who are thinking about dropping this "required" course because they are so frustrated. The following is an email I received today. Please give me guidelines for them. Thank you, Judy

"Hello Judy, I am extremely frustrated at the moment. I am still having difficulties logging on and have found the help feature not helpful at all. I need to speak to someone, not try to navigate their frustrating and difficult maze of information on the help screen. I have changed my password and am still unable to login. I don't know how I am going to be able to complete this course if I can not access the blackboard because I am constantly being locked out. Please help.! I apologize for the angry email. I am incredibly frustrated. I want to get things done for this class and am unable to, due to the website issue I am dealing with. I hope we can get this resolved."