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survey/test question custom input validation?

Question asked by fromjava on Oct 26, 2018

I need to create a set of questions to collect information from our students, each question contains 4 statements for students to select one most accurate statement and one least accurate statement. So far I found multiple blanks question type for survey could somehow be used, like below:




However, there is no validation. Students may not type L/M as answer, students may not input exactly one L and one M, although they will be asked to do so. If student failed to supply the right information, say, due to a typo, after the submission, they will have to resubmit all questions.


My question is: is there any way to fulfill the requirement but still with proper validation? Any way to inject custom validation rules? Do I have to create a custom survey myself with a new building block?


If custom validation is not viable, is there any way to allow students to edit their answers after submission?


Your advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.