Learning Management System Questions

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My name is Matthew Hankinson, and I am a graduate student at St. Vincent College.  I am studying Instructional Design and Technology, and for my current class I am to compare a few different learning management systems. I am contacting you because I wanted to use your management system as one of my examples.  In order to do so I will need to find out some information to complete my project. I was hoping that someone from you company could answer four simple questions for me to be able to complete my project?

1. What is the cost per institution and user?

2. Is there a free training course or material for teachers/professors?

3. How accessible is customer support? Especially in the case of an emergency?

4. What does your company consider its main focus or objective for your learning management system and students who use it?

Please email me back at with any answers.  Thank you so much for your time, and I very much hope to hear from you soon.


Matthew Hankinson