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Want to help with Bb Ultra Chatbot?

Question asked by smachaje on Oct 25, 2018
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computer7mid.jpgI'm looking for collaborators on a chatbot to answer faculty and student questions about Bb Ultra. We commonly use FAQ to communicate answers, but many chatbots allow live interaction during office hours and AI during off hours. The main objective of this project would be to collect questions and answers relating to Ultra in a spreadsheet that could then be used to create a chatbot. A deliverable of this project would be to create a public chatbot that any Bb administrator could embed on their site to have students chat with AI about Ultra.


Who's up to help with creation of Ultra AI?


A sample of what I'm suggesting is here:


You can ask: What is Ultra?


As the next step I'll post a link to a Google sheet to put questions and answers that users may find useful. AI allows for context creation, which means that conversations can move from "What is Ultra" to "I know you're an instructor and you never used Blackboard before, so here is my answer ..."