Missing Maintenance Items in 3500.3.0

Discussion created by heather.crites on Oct 19, 2018
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Good morning!


For those on CD: 3500.3.0 was applied to test/staging Tuesday evening. It goes live on production November 1.


Normally, a maintenance release article is published for test environments immediately afterwards and you can view the list of maintenance articles in BtB by filtering Planned First Fix. This time around, there is no maintenance article and you still cannot filter Planned First Fix by 3500.3.0.


I opened a case with support was was told that we would not get a list of maintenance items in this release until it goes live on production. I have escalated the case and reached out to our CSM who was told that we would get the maintenance article on October 29 - a mere three days before it goes live - but no word on when we would see a list of maintenance items.


We have 13 more days before it goes live and we have no idea what bugs have been fixed or what features have been touched other than the new ones which are listed under the Release Notes.


Is anyone else troubled by this?


Support has made me feel like I am the only one asking for a list of maintenance items.