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Q2 2018: LTI System Tool?

Question asked by goh.ian on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by goh.ian

Hi All,


I was trying out one of the new features with LTI tool placement, being able to make an LTI System tool.


However, after I created the LTI tool placement as System tool, I don't see it as a choice under the Community > Tabs and Modules > Tool Panel > Add Tool



I can get it to show up if I use the Oscelot Basic LTI (yay Stephen Vickers)



ps. I do see LTI Placement as System Tool in Q2 2017; but there seem to be some known issues with that in Behind the Blackboard (e.g., 000047357 Adding a System Placement for an LTI Tool Produces Check Constraint Error )