Yearly enrolments

Discussion created by eb0071065 on Oct 17, 2018
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Hello Everyone

Are we all settled into the new term?


I have a query in regards to enrollments and wondered how other people do this. For us it is done yearly from August to August etc, however I think at some point we may have to look at how we do this. The reason is that one dept have theirs set up to enroll in a 2 year space which causes some issues as I am sure you can guess. From my perspective importing the data into blackboard should be a simple process, however there seems to be a lot of people involved in the process. We have academic registry, who will get all the students details and process them, then this gets passed onto IT services for their relevant log on information, ie username and password etc, then this will get ported over to our data support team, who do some merging of the information etc. We get involved when there is an issue with a student account or when the log files/sis feed encounters an issue.


Does anyone have a simpler way of doing this to make things more flexible along the way?