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Where are the Maintenance Items for 3500.3.0?

Question asked by heather.crites on Oct 18, 2018
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Good morning!


3500.3.0 was released to continuous deployment SaaS environments on Tuesday evening. It goes live to production environments on November 1.


The release notes ( direct the user to Behind the Blackboard for a list of maintenance items.


You can view maintenance items in Behind the Blackboard. Our Known Issue articles provide information for individual bug fixes, and may include bug descriptions and which Learn versions were affected. You can filter bug fixes by SaaS release for easier navigation. View the 3500.3.0 maintenance issues on Behind the Blackboard


In the past, I have merely filtered Planned First Fix to identify the maintenance items. This time around, there is no option for 3500.3.0 - only 3500.0.0 which has already been pushed to production. I have a case open with BtB, but am getting nowhere. Does anyone have a list of the maintenance items in 3500.3.0 that we can begin to review?