SafeAssign and the Blackboard Mobile App

Discussion created by ra0043350 on Oct 17, 2018
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For the past few years, our faculty have been using SafeAssign more and more frequently, and although there have been some bumps along the way, the overall feedback has been that this is a useful tool.


A few days ago, one of our faculty alerted me to an issue in her class. She had created an Assignment (enabling SafeAssign), and while all of her students had posted submissions, for 4 students, no originality report was generated. After further investigation, I noticed that under SafeAssignments, these 4 student's submissions were indeed listed, but no report was generated - when viewing the inline grading, there was no "Safeassign percentage" dropdown under the grade area.


One thing I did notice that all 4 submissions had in common was that they all had both a "text submission" and a file attachment - and in all 4 cases, the "text submission" was a hyperlink to the attachment document.


I attempted to replicate this by quick-enrolling and enabling student preview to post an assignment. When I expanded the Text submission box, I realized there is no area to create a hyperlink or attach a file to the text field, and my test submission did end up including an originality report.


The next day, while working on a different case (for a different class) in which a student submitted an assignment on their mobile device and indicated they did not get an email confirmation, I noticed that their submission (within inline grading) looked exactly the same as the 4 students from the previous case - a hyperlink in the text submission area, and a file attachment. I checked the assignment's settings and sure enough, Safeassign was enabled for that assignment, and other student's submissions did contain originality reports.


I then tried this out from my phone in a demonstration shell, and was able to replicate this - in the BB Mobile app, when submitting a file attachment for an assignment, my submission did not contain an originality report even though Safeassign was enabled, and there was an entry in the text submission area even though i did not use this - a hyperlink to the uploaded document. I also did not get a confirmation receipt for my submission via email.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? We are currently running Learn Q2 2018 CU1; Blackboard Mobile Web Services Building Block is 3400.0.1-rel.90+b74efee, and SafeAssign is 3400.0.1-rel.90+b74efee. I don't recall seeing any documentation of this as a known or reported issue, so just wanted to check here.


Thank you in advance for your input!