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Intitutional hierarchy and tools available to one node

Question asked by emunoz on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by gw0046349

Hi everyone.

I have just encountered a situation where a department of a university buys a certain software to be used on their courses within Bb Learn and should not be used in the rest of the institution. Alright, I say... let's install and activate for the one node that needs the tool, and lock it for the rest of the institution so nobody can activate it to "check it out".

That means:

- Admin / Tools -> Turned off and locked.

- Node / Tools -> Turned on.


My surprise? The teacher on a course within the node cannot see the tools listed in the course. If they go to tool availability they will see the tools checks marked and gray (active and locked) but the tools are nowhere to be found.

In order for the tool to be seen and used in the course, I need to go to Admin / Tools and unlock it. But doing so means that I can go to a course from anywhere (not just the node that needs the tool) and activate it.


I asked in BtBb and found out that it is a bug that has been around since 2014. Are we really the only ones with that issue? How do you deal with this situations?