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Collaborate: Your Login Session Has Expired

Question asked by murrayks on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by nc36270

I have two macs in our institution that have the same problem. When you are in a course and click Course Tools and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, it spins and then says, "Uh Oh! It looks like your login session has expired."


Here are specifics:

-Latest OS

-Latest Java/Flash - I tried adding bb to exceptions, have cleared cache

-Any user profile, any login name

-Not every mac in the institution does this

-Multiple browsers, and all settings on browsers are the same as macs that DO work

-I have installed the collab launcher

-Users can go to a different mac and it WILL work under their login name


I have spent far too many hours trying to figure this out.  Any help would be wonderful!

-It happens with every courseimage001.png