SIS Integration using SSHA password encryption type

Discussion created by bishop.thomas on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by goh.ian

I am looking for help with testing/using the SSHA password encryption type in our SIS Integration Flat Files. The documentation states that SSHA is an acceptable pwencryptiontype, but the max length of the passwd field is 32 characters. Even the LIS 2.0 documentation shows the SSHA encryption type in the XML with a value of 40 characters prefixed by "{SSHA}" which add seven more to the string. Example:




My question is, how do these SSHA strings get generated/encrypted?


My scant knowledge of the SSHA encryption type reveals that they can be hundreds of characters long and include an equally long encrypted Salt value. Do these values have to rely on a module in Ellucian Banner to created? If so, how would I test this? Has anyone been using LIS 2.0 Final without spending the 35K on an ILP module?


One last question. Would switching to an external authentication server such as LDAP or Banner SAML2 SSO make this a moot point? Thanks for your time.