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Self-hosted moving to Managed Hosting or SaaS

Question asked by bt0054298 on Oct 11, 2018

Western Kentucky University has been using Blackboard in a self-hosted Linux environment since 1998. The potential to move to a Blackboard hosted environment has been broached on our campus and we are beginning to explore these options. We are hoping those of you who have made this transition would be willing to answer some questions for us.


  1. When you were self-hosted, how big was your support team and how were the responsibilities distributed?
  2. Was your self-hosted environment Linux or Windows?
  3. Did you move to Managed Hosting or SaaS?
    1. If SaaS, did you move through Managed Hosting or directly from self-hosted?
      1. If you moved through Managed Hosting, how long did you stay there before moving on to Saas?
    2. If SaaS, Continuous Delivery or Flexible Deployment?
    3. If Continuous Delivery, are you using Ultra Course View yet?
  4. How much content did you move to Blackboard hosting (volume of data, number of semesters, number of courses, number of users, etc.)?
  5. How long was your system really down for the migration?
  6. How did you feel about the process? Did it go smoothly? What issues did you encounter?
  7. What level of support did you select (Gold/Platinum/Diamond or Standard/Plus/Advantage)?
    1. How responsive has Bb Support been to issues you’ve experienced since the migration?
    2. What kind of access do you have to logs (ELK or other tools)?
    3. What kind of database access do you have?
  8. How long does Blackboard take to respond to some common query/request?
  9. If you had it to do over, would you make the same decision? Choose a different hosting option? Stay self-hosted?


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Thanks for your time!