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Using tool_consumer_info_version value with String manipulation to get Blackboard Instance Version

Question asked by layanibandaranayake on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Peter Love

We have build an application using the BB REST API to to create grade columns and do user grade sync. The launch of the application will happen as a LTI launch or as a Partner Cloud integrated LTI launch.


Since BB REST APIs are supported above a specific version, we need to get the Blackboard Lean instance version information to facilitate with the application we build. We observed tool_consumer_info_version and custom_source_tool_consumer_version is containing Blackboard Learn instance version in each LTI launch and Partner Cloud integrated LTI launch respectively.


If we are to do a String manipulation, get the major, minor and patch information and use this LTI parameter in our logic :

  • Is tool_consumer_info_version sent through every LTI integrated launch?
  • Is custom_tool_consumer_info_version sent through every Partnercloud integrated launch?
  • Is tool_consumer_info_version sent for all the Blackboard Instance Versions?
  • What are the possible String formats that tool_consumer_info_version value can consist?