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Conduit Enrollment Mismatch Rolekey Blank

Question asked by dcolucci on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by mwilday

Greetings everyone.  Good to be a part of this forum.  We are a Moodlerooms/BB Open college using for about 7 year now.


There is an issue with Conduit that I am wondering if everyone else is experiencing that I am wondering if others are experiencing as an issue.


We often manually enroll people in Moodle courses.  Then we go into Conduit to correct the mismatched enrollment.


In Conduits enrollment mismatch, it doesn't show me the enrollment type (i.e. student, teacher, TA, other .... etc.).  In order to find out what enrollment the record is, we have to comb through each course.  Then manually enter the enrollment type into the CSV file, then upload.


This is an extremely cumbersome process.  So we opened a case with Blackboard.  In the end, we were told that the development cost is too high to correct and that I should talk to the forum about it - in the hopes of generating enough attention on the matter to have it fixed.   ...a strange approach by tech support, but here I am non the less. 


Here is a course with a manual enrollment....




Here is Conduit unmatched enrollments.  You see that the rolekey doesn't pick up from Moodle to Conduit for some reason.



Can anyone else confirm that this is happening in their platform?