LMS Admin/Analyst position available

Discussion created by cr28334 on Oct 3, 2018

My institution is hiring! What to know...


Our Homepage

Job Posting


- I am currently a department of 1 and have been for the last 3ish years


- We are under the IT Divsion and are considered part of the Classroom Technology group


- We are migrating SIS systems currently to a product known as Campus Management and will be completed by January (Wrapping up some fine tuning of the scripting as we leave our old Banner system and a new Grades Journey implementation)


- We are MH & moving to Saas this X Mas!


- Planning a possible move to Ultra by Spring 2020 (still meeting over this and getting feedback from instructors and students)


- Recently implemented a Blackboard standardization course and training for faculty w/the faculty trainer (this is a faculty position currently) it is a home grown project that was influenced by @One certification, QM, and Blackboard Certification/training.


Some useful info:

Office 365 institution

WordPress (webpage)

Collaborate Ultra



Feel free to reach out to me for any information!