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New Box and Blank Word Assignments

Question asked by dc0075761 on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by rt0075934

One of our instructors contacted me with an issue. She has students that are turning in assignments and when she goes to grade them, the assignments do not preview in New Box and when downloaded, appear as blank Word docs. If she asks the students to email her the assignment, they are able to, so it's not an instance of "I'll turn in a blank document, blame technical difficulties, and get myself a couple more days to work on my assignment."


She is befuddled. The students have been on a Chromebook and Mac, she believes, and it has been different assignments that this has occurred on. Other than that, I don't have details because she is not forwarding them on to BB support staff.


Is anyone else having this issue?


We are managed hosted, on 2017 Q2, if that helps.