REST Token Expiration

Discussion created by sw0054172 on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Peter Love

I have been working on a Java program that builds content items within existing courses.  We are a SaaS installation using the classic course format.  I did system testing with a subset of the total run and everything was fine.  Today, I ran the full production dataset.  I touched approximately 300 courses, adding one content item to the top of the opening page for each course.  There were 3 calls per course: one to get the course ID, one to get the content ID for the top content element, and a POST operation to place the new content items on that page.


The first 200 or so items processed without issue.  After that, all of my calls started returning 401 errors.  From what I understand, this error indicates that the calls were unauthorized.  My access token was nowhere near 1 hour old (more like a few minutes).  Anyone have an idea what went wrong?


BTW, I edited my dataset and ran the remaining courses through on a subsequent run with no problems and no changes to the code.