SaaS / Ultra Notifications Issues

Discussion created by aelce on Sep 25, 2018
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Hi, we moved our Blackboard Learn system from Managed Hosting to SaaS at the end of May 2018, and then rolled the system environment to Ultra in July, but retained the use of Learn Original courses as we deliver a templated approach to course development. We also use the Turnitin Direct v2.5 plugin for our primary esubmission tool.


Since our courses for 2018-19 went live, we have had significant issues with the volume, frequency and accuracy of notifications that have been sent to our students, which have caused some alarm. I'm interested in learning as to whether others are having similar frustrations. Some examples are outlined below:


- Turnitin Assignments that have been set up for individuals within a course that may have the requirement to resit or have been granted an extension, are adaptive released to these individual users but Gradebook notifications indicating that these submissions are overdue are being received by other students on the course that are not included within the Adaptive Release rule.


- Similarly, if an old Turnitin Assignment is accessed by a teaching colleague but not modified in any way, this still triggers notifications being sent to users on a course that may not have submitted to that assignment point.


- We have provisionally enrolled some students to modules in advance of them being enrolled fully. Until their enrollment has cleared though they are set as inactive within this course via a data feed from the SRS. However, despite them being in a disabled state within the course, these students still receive notifications from it.


- Despite a users notification settings being set to 'Daily Digest', many are receiving more than one message on a daily basis. These include the digest but also individual messages from courses indicating when new content has been added.


- We were advised for courses that we don't want sending notifications out to users, to remove the Email option from the Tool Availability section. We have done this for one particular course but notifications are still being distributed from it.



Is anybody else on SaaS / Ultra and experiencing these or similar frustrations at all?


Kind regards