Changing K12 Student Passwords and other Anomalies

Discussion created by rxswift on Sep 24, 2018
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I teach in a 6-8 grade level and I use Course Sites to manage my classes. I have done so for over 5 years with very few issues.


Enrolling students in the New Course Sites is an outrageous mess. Why did Bb do away with batch enrollment?


The process of registering through the course link requires too much demand on students especially the special ed student who can't remember a 10 character password with a special character.


Registrering students one at a time - over 100 students - is a time consuming activity. My students change every nine weeks. It would take 3-4 days of uninterrupted time to register them each nine weeks.


The batch enrollment option killed it in the old version - less than 45 minutes to set up all 5 of my classes including downloading the class list from my student grading program!!


In addition, I found that in the class list, I CAN change a student's password to a simpler version. That was great but I cannot do this in ALL my classes. One class says successful the next says "you are either not signed in or you do not have permissions". It's the same course list I have when signed in but it doesn't work for that course!!


I tried to reach support but all me emails are bouncing back (see another forum post) and the chat access is always "offline".


I am flummoxed and ready to jump off a bridge!! Three weeks of dealing with getting students into Bb - hours of wasted instruction time- is almost not worth it. I am in my last year. I am about to go back to pencil and paper!