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Gradebook in LEARN 2016 Theme Too Large

Question asked by wtaylor on Sep 19, 2018

Is there anyway to change some of the formatting in the gradecenter but keep it more mobile friendly?

I got this email from one of my instructors:

I have a question regarding blackboard. There may not be anything to help with this. It may be the way blackboard is built. Previously the grade book was smaller and more student names could be seen on the screen. It is also hard to scroll from side to side. Just wanted to know if you were aware and if there is something I do not know about that can change the look of the screen to make it easier for viewing and entering of information.


Behind advised on how to download the theme and change certain things but didn't know if anyone else had done these changes?  Didn't know how much it could be modified without messing up the mobile version?