Customizing the 2016 theme - where to find things

Discussion created by ja25870 on Sep 18, 2018

Good morning,

We have a custom theme based on the 2012 theme, but we're experiencing issues with the menu auto-collapse where the blue line showing where the menu ought to be is missing, and Blackboard suggested moving to the 2016 theme to fix it.

I'm willing to give it a try, but in my first attempt to customize the 2016 to be as close to our existing theme as possible, we've run into a few snags:

  • The Control Panel inside courses is white, and the title for the control panel is also white, making it invisible.
  • The Quick Enroll button is also white on white.
  • The action buttons across the top of the content area and on certain screens on the various tabs are white with very light grey borders and text.
  • The font on many of the buttons is very small.

I would like to make the control panel a grey (#333 maybe?) with black text.

The Quick Enroll button should be our navy blue (#011E41) with white text.

Action buttons should match the primary and secondary buttons; they should be our burgundy (#7a303f) with white text.

I would like to use a larger, easier to use font than the one selected by Blackboard.


I have searched the 2016 theme and cannot locate these elements. Does anyone know what the names of the elements are and where in the theme I can locate them?