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TLS1.2 required in SaaS!!

Discussion created by Alberto Ruiz on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by cf26721

This is a heads up for everybody using java 6 o 7, (unless you have an extended support contract with Oracle), to integrate with BBLearn in SaaS using the REST API. You'll get a handshake exception since 10-9-18 in the test servers, (mine last a little more until a full systems restart in our side, 3 days more), and this is expected to happen in production environments from the next 24-9-18.


We should have reviewed the bulletins in order to be aware about this issue, but you know... a lot of projects and emails at the same time...


So unless you're able to upgrade your jvm to 6u111 or 7u131 you'll need to migrate your integration to Java 8.