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How to add to my Last Access query the grades in grade center for students

Question asked by fs0070186 on Sep 12, 2018
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Hi all,

  I need some help to solve my query.

  I have a query where I get the last access for my students to do a dashboard, I need to add all the grades for those students to create a unic table.

  Can anybody help me to add the right tables and joins?



This is my query.

set scape '\';


lastname, firstname, user_id, bbdcourse, FECHAINSCRP, lastaccess, CURRENT_DATE as fecha_captura,rol

FROM (SELECT term_name,

u.lastname, u.firstname, u.user_id,

cm.course_id AS BBDCOURSE,

cu.enrollment_date as FECHAINSCRP,

cu.last_access_date AS LASTACCESS,

cmchild.course_id AS CHILDCOURSE,

cu.role as ROL,

(CASE WHEN cmchild.course_id IS NULL THEN cm.course_id ELSE cmchild.course_id END) LORACOURSE,

(CASE WHEN cmchild.course_id IS NULL THEN cm.course_id || u.user_id ELSE cmchild.course_id || u.user_id END) SEARCHKEY

FROM users u

LEFT JOIN course_users cu ON cu.users_pk1 = u.pk1

LEFT JOIN course_course cc ON cc.crsmain_pk1 = cu.crsmain_pk1

LEFT JOIN course_main cm ON cm.pk1 = cu.crsmain_pk1

LEFT JOIN course_main cmchild ON cmchild.pk1 = cu.child_crsmain_pk1

LEFT JOIN course_main cmparent ON cmparent.pk1 = cc.crsmain_parent_pk1

LEFT JOIN course_term ct ON ct.crsmain_pk1 = cu.crsmain_pk1

LEFT JOIN term t ON t.pk1 = ct.term_pk1

WHERE cmparent.pk1 IS NULL) SQ1

WHERE bbdcourse LIKE ( 'XXXXX%\_YYY%') and rol in ('S', 'P') and user_id not like('ZZZZ%')

ORDER BY bbdcourse, lastname, firstname, user_id;