Course Copy - Grade Center Duplications

Discussion created by kp0054257 on Sep 6, 2018
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We are having course copy issues! Help!

We've developed two standard course templates: one for seated and hybrid, and one for  that all courses are loaded with, unless a more specific template (master course) is requested. Each template has a standard menu that instructors are allowed to modify in only established ways.

Through repeated video tutorials on "how to clean up after a course copy", we've finally reduced the messy course saga, however...grade centers is another issue altogether! Templates are primarily blank shells except for standard menu items and a few hidden folders. When a teacher copies a previously taught course into a BLANK shell, why do the assignments and quizzes keep duplicating in the grade center? Content appears to have copied correctly in content area/folders, but when instructors go to Grade Center > Full Grade Center > Manage > Column Organization we're finding - after several semesters of doing this - that there are MULTIPLE duplications! WHY?! Students are able to see these OLD assignments when they check their grades and it is really becoming an issue. Please help!