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Blackboard’s Back to School Edition
Blackboard Teaching & Learning Updates Newsletter
Teaching & Learning Product Updates
What’s new for Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, and Ally
August, 2018
Back to School with Blackboard
As you start welcoming back students and instructors, make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest and greatest for Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, and Ally. Here’s your Blackboard back-to-school checklist.
Participate in upcoming Blackboard programs
  1. Join a Cohort Program
    Preparing for a Learn upgrade or considering a move to Learn Ultra? Our free cohort programs will provide you with valuable information and best practices to ensure your success. Sign up for the Learn 9.1 Upgrade Cohort here or the Learn Ultra Cohort here.
  2. Tune into our Roadmap Webinars
    Our product management leaders will give an update on the vision and roadmap for Learn (both the Original experience / 9.1 and the Ultra experience) and Collaborate. Find out more on the Community Site here about our September webinars.
  3. Help Shape Blackboard Products
    Help us improve the teaching and learning experience by participating in user research opportunities. Explore and test new features and designs, walk designers through a day in your life, share your teaching and learning expertise, and provide feedback, so we can ensure we’re building products that meet your needs. Sign up here.
Learn about the latest and greatest and spread the word to students and instructors
We’ve had a busy summer – here are just a few highlights.
  1. Take a Fresh Look at Learn Ultra with CourseSites
    If you haven’t looked at Learn with the Ultra experience in a while, it’s time to take another look. Find out why in our latest blog post and try it out using the new CourseSites (formerly Educator Preview).
  2. See what else is new in Blackboard Learn
    • New Box View update: The ability to download annotated PDFs is now available through a CU for self and managed hosting clients, and will be available for SaaS clients in our next release. Learn more here.
    • Ultra experience: Announcements on the Ultra login page, enhancements to the Discussion Analysis feature, the ability to add LTI links to the Institution Page, group creation and grading improvements, and more. View all the release notes.
    • Mobile apps: Assignment grading is now available in Blackboard Instructor for SaaS clients. Note: Please see this support bulletin for details on availability for self and managed hosting clients.
  3. Blackboard Collaborate
    This summer we released some big new features, providing a better experience for students and instructors, and improving accessibility.
    • Session timer: Moderators can now set a timer for everyone in the session or make it just visible to other moderators.
    • Recording Post-Captioning: To enhance accessibility, moderators can now upload a caption file after a recording has been created.
    • The Metric Report: Provides moderators with a detailed overview of usage.
    • Fast Mic: No more delays when you first turn on your mic, improving the experience for all participants.
  4. Blackboard Ally
    The latest Ally release adds the ability to check content created in the Learn WYSIWYG editor for accessibility issues and includes this in the institutional report. This allows Ally to review a significantly larger part of the Blackboard Learn content, and is a first step towards providing alternative formats and instructor feedback for this content.
For all the latest and greatest see our release notes for Learn self and managed hosting, Learn SaaS, the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps, Collaborate, and Ally.
  1. Spread the Word with our Communication & Adoption Toolkits
    As you welcome new and returning students and instructors, make sure they’re aware of the Blackboard tools available to help them succeed. Our communication toolkits help you generate awareness, excitement, and drive adoption. Check out the toolkits available for Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, and Ally.
Join the conversation
  1. BbWorld 2018 Announcements
    At BbWorld in July, we introduced Blackboard Data, a new unified, cross-portfolio data and reporting platform, and Blackboard Attendance, a scalable and flexible solution for tracking attendance that will free instructors’ time, reduce the administrative burden and make attendance data readily available across the institution. Learn more about Blackboard Data and Blackboard Attendance on our blog.
  2. Keep the Conversation Going with the Blackboard Community
    Join and engage with your peers and product experts on the Blackboard Community. The Community site is a great place to share best practices, ask questions, and learn about upcoming programs and events. Visit the Blackboard Community here.