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Copying sets of course enrolments

Question asked by danrob on Aug 23, 2018

Hello all,


I'd like to ask about copying enrolments between courses.


I help run some courses for which we have to add a large number of staff at the Instructor and Course Builder level manually (these courses are outside of the usual institutional records systems so not automated).


Each year we roll over the modules and then have to copy the staff Instructor and Course Builder enrolments over (but not the students) manually.


So far I have just gone into the Users list in the Control Panel, copied (Copy and Paste) the Instructor entries in one go from the page there, then pasted into Excel, tidied things up, saved the usernames as a CSV, then pasted that list into the Find Users to Enrol,  User text entry box there and selected the Instructor level. Follow the same process for Course Builders.


Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Gets time-consuming with multiple modules to set up for the new academic year.


Many thanks for any thoughts or experiences of doing this.


Dan Roberts