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Grade Date of Calculated Grade

Question asked by jgayhart on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by bdfan1


I just started using the REST API.  Our distance learning department wants to add incoming students to an orientation test.  Since there are about ~50k students in the target populate, we split up the one course into 50.  Once the students complete the course, we will pull out the final grade and store it in our ERP.


The grade center has five columns (based on SCORM objects) and a sixth, calculated column set as the final/external grade.  Since there is no "final grade date", I would like to find the greatest (most recent) attempt date, and use that as the "test date" in our ERP.


Is there a way to find all the attempts for a given course user? 


My workflow so far is to find all the courses with a given naming convention, check if they are available, then loop through the course membership filtering by last access date.  This gives me a relatively small data set.  I can then pull the final grade (and other user information).  Temporarily, I am also capturing the last access date as the "test date" until I can find a date which more accurately reflects when students complete the test.