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Good morning!

I have been fighting with Cengage support since June about the WebAssign B2. I wanted to ask a question and thought I would share our experiences in hopes that it helps someone else.

  1. First of all: does anyone else use WebAssign in SaaS? We have version 2.2.0 of the B2 and have been told that this is the most recent version. As a part of the configurations of the B2, I can set a daily time in which to push a full grade sync back into Blackboard. The auto-sync periodically (~weekly) fails to run and I have to re-save the configuration for it to start up again. I have a suspicion that the B2 configuration for the auto-sync is stored locally on a single application node and each time it is rebuilt, the configuration is destroyed. Does this make sense? Jeff Kelley: could you weigh in on this (forgive me, but you are the only person of whom I know to ask technical questions)?
  2. I also thought this would be a good place to put our experience with WebAssign so that others may benefit from our misery. We discovered after our migration to SaaS that the grades were not syncing back into Blackboard - even when the sync was manually performed. After reaching out to Cengage Support (they own WebAssign), I was originally told that our faculty would have to rebuild all of their WebAssign courses. After several objections and transfers, I spoke with Brittany at Cengage technical support who was very knowledgeable.  Our understanding was the courses which were created prior to our SaaS migration had a post-back URL encoded on the Cengage side.  While our DNS did not change, the URL did because of the change in database schemas. These courses were trying to sync grades back to the old database schema which no longer existed.  She worked with engineers to basically “find and replace” the old URLs with the new database schema and this seems to have solved the problem. So if you use WebAssign and will be migrating to SaaS, you will need to reach out to Cengage support to have your existing WebAssign courses updated so they post back to the new schema-specific URL. WebAssign courses newly created in the SaaS environment will have the correct URLs.

If anyone can confirm my suspicions on point 1, that would be great.

Have a nice week everyone.