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Writing to content collection

Question asked by dayliff on Aug 17, 2018
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I am a Unity C# developer creating 3D simulations and educational game to supplement a curriculum. I have very little experience with web based development(HTML, CSS, Javascript) and even less experience with backend development(servers, databases, ect.).


In my project I have a Unity WebGL build running from the content collection. There is also a .txt file in the content collection that I am using to hold specific set up information about the project, and I can successfully access the .txt file using www requests. The goal is to have an administrator section of my game where the instructor could view and modify the data stored in the .txt file with minimal knowledge of the system. This is important because it lets the teacher tailor the game to the needs of the class with minimal effort. I know that the correct way to do this is using Blackboard learn web services to set up a web request that will then write the data to the content collection, but due to certain restrictions (time, money, my lack of experience with servers) this route is a last option.


I am trying to write a js function that my game will trigger that will write to the .txt file within the content collection. For ease of testing, I have been using a .html file with some javascript embedded in it. I have tried many different suggestions from the web, but ultimately I haven't had any luck. I imagine what I am trying to do isn't possible for security reasons(you don't want programs writing to your content collection all willy nilly), but it could just be my lack of knowledge/ability to use javascript and html correctly.


Thank you for your help.