Missing Icons when using Ally (A11y)

Discussion created by dm0070641 on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by ru37067

Has any experienced missing icons when using Ally?  Here is a ticket we received this morning:


"I imported my previous semester shells into this semesters shells for EGR212-02 and PCI-170-05.  Ally worked fine in EGR 212-02 at first, showing me I needed to update my syllabus. When I updated my syllabus, now there are no Ally icons on any documents for either EGR 212-02 or PCI170-05 for this semester. 


Ally icons still appear on my previous semester’s shells for these courses.


Is there some way I might have turned it off?  Can I turn it back on again?  Literally all I did was “overwrite file” on a word document (my syllabus for EGR211-02) and the icons all disappeared on all content in these two shells."