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'Utilicons' in default branding archive causing 404, slow login page load

Question asked by rb0048204 on Aug 14, 2018

Hi! Our new login page ( is taking a long time to fully load, and we can see that 3 of the GETs for ~fontawesome resources are a big culprit. In our environment, the request is hitting, and so on. The artifacts in ../fonts/ are 4 files with weird filenames labeled as ‘utilicons’ in a subfolder there. They match the filenames referenced in the 404’s. Our login page is not referencing any of these files or the dir explicitly, but it seems that some branding resources are loading by default when a user accesses the login jsp, as part of a library?



Has anyone noticed these files? They came with the default 2012 theme that is currently available in Learn. Do you think it's okay to remove those resources from the branding archive? Will removing them prevent them from being requested on the login page (and thus hopefully the 404s)? Any ideas on other issues at play?






UNM LMS Systems Team