Assessment Attempt Access Log

Discussion created by mf29035 on Aug 13, 2018
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An instructor reported that a student submitted a test after the due date. The student claims making no changes after the due time, but the attempt access log shows multiple questions were saved between the due date and the submit time.


In testing with a test class / student / assessment, I found that many question types (multiple answer, matching, and ordering so far) will record a 'saved question' log entry a) for a particular question, when the student has not changed their answer and clicks 'Saved' next to that question, and b) for all questions of affected question types, when the student clicks 'Save and Submit'. This is inconsistent with other question types (multiple choice, true/false, calculated) which do not log a 'saved question' in either case.


(As the precise behavior of the access log is undocumented by Blackboard, past experience suggests neither would be considered a bug, so I have not submitted a case to BtB.)


That seems to mean we will have no way to accurately determine whether the student is being truthful. Has anyone else dealt with this? Is there some other source of information I might be able to investigate?


I've reviewed the qti_result_data, and while it records all timestamps when a question was saved, it doesn't record the result at each seprate timestamp. But at least that, in combination with server logs, seems to conclusively say when a 'saved question' log was produced by 'Save and Submit'.