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What are you working on?

Discussion created by Ian Holder on Aug 9, 2018
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What analytics work are you up to currently?  I thought we should share.


The latest dashboard I have done is showing results for one of our diplomas by student and subject, showing for each student their overall mark and also allowing drill-down to the individual marks by assessments for a student.  I also added this visualisation to show different subject results by cohort (campus) by subject:



Also keeping me busy, well it will when I start!, will be a look at some overall Learn engagement analytics for one of our faculties (colleges) and one course in particular.  We are working with people from our Learning Design Unit (home of instructional designers, or ed designers as we call them) as well as another unit on these. so that should be quite exciting as a preliminary focus.  The details are still to be worked out, but I think getting the high-level view will help us to focus on specific needs; and working collaborative with the design unit will be exciting to see what analytics they are after in this case.


Feel like sharing what are you up to?