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Weighted Average Calculation - What does Blackboard do when Percentage doesn't total 100%

Question asked by aw30683 on Aug 9, 2018
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I had a Faculty member ask me the below question. We were wondering if anyone could assist us with an answer? Thank you in advance


I am using the weighted average calculation in the gradebook.  In order to replicate the syllabus weights, I have to enter percentages that I have “backed into”.  As a result, the weights in Blackboard do not sum to 100% but to about 120%.  The resulting number in Blackboard is less than the number that I have calculated in two different ways – one comparable to the weights I am using in Blackboard and one using the syllabus weights.  Both of these provide the identical result, which is again greater than the result from the Blackboard gradebook.  Hence, I am wondering what Blackboard does when the percentages do not total to 100%.


Thank you