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Your chance to provide input in Blackboard's data privacy plan

Question asked by sgeering on Aug 7, 2018

We have started to work on our data privacy plan and strategy for the next few years. This is your chance to have your institution's voice heard. Although we won’t be able to implement all requests, we will carefully consider your suggestions and feedback in our future planning. So let us know your feedback on the following questions:


  1. What are your institution's main data privacy concerns when engaging vendors?
  2. How can Blackboard further improve its data privacy program?
  3. How can Blackboard further help your institution with meeting its own data privacy obligations when it uses Blackboard products and services?


You can of course also respond via email directly to me at and send me any additional feedback. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help us shape our data privacy plan with our clients in mind.


Stephan, Global Privacy Officer