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Math Placement Testing

Question asked by rw0055666 on Aug 3, 2018
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Does anyone use Blackboard Learn for their Math Placement Tests?


We are a community college and currently use Accuplacer for our math placement tests, which every incoming student needs to take. However the Accuplacer tests aren't really cutting it for us, and the new version coming out looks to be even worse. So, we are developing our own in-house tests. These will be a series of adaptive release tests in a placement course.


One challenge I am dealing with is how students get enrolled and unenrolled in this course. Our students all have a student ID number which is their username. However, our registration process is a bit loose, and students often come in, register and sign up for classes in one day. I think we can address the issue of them getting a student ID number first, but I am not sure I can get that person into Blackboard and then enrolled in the placement test course that same day automatically.


For anyone who does use Blackboard for this, how do you handle this? Do your proctors actually create Blackboard accounts for students, or do you have a way of getting them created quickly? Also, with course enrollments, do the proctors enroll them into the course right then and there, or is that automated? Do they then disable the account once the student has finished the placement test, or do they completely delete the test in case they need a retake?