Providing Feedback w/out Student Submission

Discussion created by dhogsette on Aug 1, 2018



Yup, another question about grading. In the previous system, teachers could provide feedback to student, including uploading a document in which comments had been made, even if the student did not submit a file via the system. I have a student who could not upload his paper. He worked with the Bb helpdesk folks, but they couldn't figure it out. He could log into the system and see things, but he could not upload documents into the SafeAssign link.


Anyway, it seems that since he did not upload a file, I cannot give him any feedback through the gradebook. All I can do is input a numerical grade. The old system allowed for both inputting a grade as well as providing text feedback and uploading a file as feedback. Is there a way to do this in the new system?