Blackboard & Blackboard Instructor App Google Play Store Availability Update

Discussion created by eh0054212 on Jul 31, 2018

I wanted to ensure the community was aware that this issue has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience!


Support bulletin:

On Thursday, July 26th we were made aware that the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps were no longer available in the Google Play Store.  After further investigation, we identified that this was caused by a change to Google’s Developer Policy.  After working with the Google team, both apps have been reinstated and are once again available in app stores. iOS apps and users were not impacted by this.

How were users affected by this?   

  • Existing Blackboard app/Blackboard Instructor app users:  From July 26th – July 30th, users that already had our apps downloaded continued to have access to our apps, and functionality continued to work as expected, with exception to some services like push notifications (this is the only functionality gap we identified).  All functionality is once again working as expected. 
  • New users:  From July 26th – July 30th, the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps were unavailable in the Google Play store.  New users were not able to find and/or download either app.  Both apps are once again available. 


Our team is working with Google to ensure that this does not occur again in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused and thank you for your patience as we worked through this.