Blackboard Instructor Assignment Grading Update

Discussion created by eh0054212 on Jul 28, 2018

I want to make sure the community is aware of the information below regarding technical requirements to enable Blackboard Instructor assignment grading. We understand the challenges the limited Learn version support and timing have created for some of you, and apologize for that. Going forward, we will be providing more regular updates here on the community. This topic is also going to be addressed in next week's Learn office hours (Learn Office Hours). Please tune in if you are interested in learning more.


Learn Office Hours

  • When: Tuesday, July 31 at 12pm ET
  • How to join: Please us this Collaborate link- Bb Collaborate


I also wanted to share ways that you can stay up-to-date. We are also exploring different avenues of communication, so that you're getting the most timely updates possible.


Support Bulletin:


Bulletin/Advisory Information:

At Blackboard we’re always focused on producing the highest quality products that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and your faculty. We’re pleased to announce that assignment grading for Blackboard Instructor is now available for our SaaS clients using the Original experience. With assignment grading, our goal is to help instructors and graders save time by enabling them to grade anytime, anywhere using a simple, yet powerful set of tools optimized for phones and tablets. This first release focuses on assignment grading - allowing instructors to see all assignments that need to be graded, identify which students have/have not provided submissions, and then the ability to review the assignment, add comments, inline annotations, and grade with rubrics.


Our teams are working diligently to provide the necessary cumulative update to self and managed hosted clients to enable assignment grading capabilities in Blackboard Instructor. We understand that assignment grading is a critical workflow that necessitates a high degree of confidence in the quality of data and consistency of experience between web and mobile. As a result, the cumulative update to support assignment grading will only be available on Learn version Q2 2018 and above. The CU for Q2 2018 is scheduled for release in September. Q2 2018 introduced a more robust set of APIs, gradebook improvements, and remediated a host of issues related to grading. This combination of updates are core to delivering a high quality assignment grading experience in Blackboard Instructor. With previous versions of Learn we would not confidently be able to maintain the high bar of quality. We are also working on enabling assignment grading for the Ultra experience, scheduled for release later in 2018.


Blackboard recognizes the challenges the limited Learn version support and timing have created for our clients and we will work to provide continuous updates via our Community Site. We encourage self and managed hosted clients to actively monitor the Community Site for updates to availability.