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LTI Tool using REST API gets an error "site login required" on launch

Question asked by apandey on Jul 27, 2018



I am a developer creating a third-party application for Blackboard users. Our application is launched as an LTI tool and uses Blackboard's REST API to get information on users, courses and course enrollments. As we try to monitor the performance of our application on different users' Blackboard Environments, we have test user accounts created for us by the system administrators. My problem is that in quite a few systems, we are seeing the following reply upon the launch of the LTI tool:


{"code":"Unauthorized","message":"Site login required"}


I am unsure what is causing this error in the Blackboard LTI tool launches. When I replicate a launch in my local development virtual environment, I get all the information I am expecting (which means that the test users and enrollment data created for us certainly are in Blackboard's system). Any help or insights on this issue is appreciated.


PS: We are commonly seeing this issue in self-hosted versions of Blackboard.